Science & Nature On Tap with Shaun Lovejoy
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Date(s) - 02/05/2018
19 h 00 min - 20 h 00 min

Schnitzels European Flavours


Shaun Lovejoy is professor of physics at McGill University in Montreal. He is the author of: “The weather and climate: Emergent laws and multifractal cascades” as well as a soon to be published book “Weather, Macro-weather, and Climate”.
Analysis of temperature data since 1500 all but rules out the possibility that global warming in the industrial era is just a natural fluctuation in the earth’s climate, according to a recent study by McGill University physics professor Shaun Lovejoy.
His research represents a new approach to the question of whether global warming in the industrial era has been caused largely by man-made emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. Rather than using complex computer models to estimate the effects of greenhouse-gas emissions, Lovejoy examines historical data to assess the competing hypothesis: that warming over the past century is due to natural long-term variations in temperature. “This study will be a blow to any remaining climate-change deniers,” Lovejoy says. “Their two most convincing arguments – that the warming is natural in origin, and that the computer models are wrong – are either directly contradicted by this analysis, or simply do not apply to it.”

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