Exploring the Fascinating World of Biodiversity

Biodiversity Series Episode 1: Identification

As we hike down a boardwalk at local Conservation Area, Cooper Marsh,  students learn the meaning of Biodiversity, the important role it plays in our ecosystem, and ways to properly identify and document local species for flora and fauna.

Biodiversity Series Episode 2: Classification of Lifeforms

In this video, students will learn the significance of classifying organisms through demonstration methods of collecting aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates. Students will observe their findings, with the use of field guides and dichotomous key, to organize species into their biological categories.

Biodiversity Series Episode 3: Adaptations

St. Lawrence River Institute research scientist, Dr. Brian Hickey, leads this video to educate students on the meaning of adaptations. Through outdoor exploration, such as frog catching and fish dissections, students will learn how species change to survive their local environments.

Biodiversity Series Episode 4: Assessing Human Impacts

Students grow an understanding on the decline of biodiversity in their local area. During fun activities, students get to see some impacts, both big and small, that we humans have on the environment and are then challenged to consider ways to help preserve biodiversity as an individual and as a community.

Biodiversity Series Episode 5: A Day in the Life of a Scientist

While St. Lawrence River Institute research staff, Dr. Brian Hickey, encourages the students to “following” him on a research expedition, they discover what a day in the life of a research scientist could behold.