Our community programs help us connect with our neighbours and build a deeper local appreciation for the vital scientific, social and economic importance of our river ecosystems.

Budding Scientists

Interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math)?  If so come and join us on Saturday June 22nd at the OPG visitor’s centre for a day dedicated to the scientists of the future!  Come learn through hands on activities including some do-it-yourself experiments that can be duplicated at home.  Join us to make some elephant toothpaste, magic milk or bring a friend and take part in the balloon races.  Finish the day off with a take home science craft.

Nocturnal Creatures

On Wednesday July 17th , come join River Institute researchers Brian Hickey and Matt Windle for a nocturnal themed workshop.  Dr. Hickey will give a short presentation on bats to try and eliminate the stigma surrounding this endangered species.  After the presentation, Dr. Hickey will give a demonstration showing participants what type of equipment is used in bat research.  Matt Windle will also be on hand giving a talk on the American eel, a species of concern due to their descending numbers.  Who knows we might even bring a few of these creatures with us.

Wonderful World of Wildlife

 On Saturday August 17th come join us at OPG for a fun filled day of wildlife!  The day will be packed with all sorts of wildlife displays and activities.  Join a biologist for a walk around the centre¸ where you will learn to identify any wildlife along the way, bring your binoculars!  For the second consecutive year we will have Raptors conservancy Canada join us.  This organization promotes raptors and bird of prey, they do so by live flying shows.  5 different raptor species will be on display during an exciting in flight show, last year there was even a Golden Eagle!

Falling into Autumn

On Saturday September 21st join us for our final workshop of the season.  This workshop will focus on what animal do in the fall to prepare for winter.  What animals hibernate?  What animal migrate?  Learn about bat hibernation, trees changing colours and migrating birds. For the third consecutive year we will have a Speaking of Wildlife show.  Speaking of Wildlife performs live shows with live animal ambassadors.  Two years ago the highlight was a wolf cub , last year a bobcat, I wonder what kind of surprise they will bring this year.

OPG St. Lawrence Power Development Centre


For more information contact:
Cristina Charette
Education Coordinator
613-936-6620 ext 232

Discover science and nature with OPG from June to September. This community partnership with the River Institute delivers fun and informative sessions on a range of topics that appeal to all ages, every third Saturday of the month EXCEPT for the workshop in July that will be held during a week night.

The 2019 River Award was recently presented to Melanie Baker Brown by the River Institute’s Board of Directors.  Melanie’s involvement with the River Institute dates back to 2006 as a Board/committee member, donor, and advisor. Over the years, her vision for growth has helped support at least ten research scientists and associates via the Research Fellowship Program.
Melanie encouraged and supported the development of the RiverLabs branch, and she continues to challenge the Institute toward innovative thinking and progress. A true River Champion, she continues to advance our work and our cause in the community. All of us at the River Institute extend congratulations to Melanie Baker Brown on the 2019 River Award!

For more information contact:
Pam Maloney
Development Officer
613-936-6620 ext 240

The River Award is presented each year by the River Institute Board of Directors. The award recognizes an individual, organization or company that shows leadership in environmental awareness, conservation and respect for the St. Lawrence River and its watersheds. If you know of an individual or business that meets this criteria, please submit a nomination.

River Award recipients

2018 – Joe Belmonte

2017– Upper St. Lawrence Protection Network

2016 – Dave Merpaw

2015 – Kate Schwartz

2014 – Susan and John Towndrow

2013 – Dr. David Lean and Dr. Peter Hodson

2012 – Lydia Johnson

2011 – Walter Oeggerli

2010 ­– Henry Lickers

2009 – Elaine Kennedy