Dr. Jeff Ridal

Executive Director / Chief Research Scientist

613-936-6620 x 228

jridal [at] riverinstitute.ca



My educational background is in chemistry (BSc, Trent University, MSc, University of Ottawa) and oceanography (PhD, Dalhousie University). Post-doctoral positions at Canada’s National Water Research Institute and the University of Montreal brought me into the freshwater field. I joined the River Institute in 1995 as its first Research Scientist and became its Executive Director in 2004. I hold adjunct professorships with Queen’s University and the University of Ottawa. In 2008, I was named Canadian co-Chair of the Science Priority Committee for the International Joint Commission (IJC) of the United States and Canada. I have also served on the Commission’s Science Advisory Board since 2008.

Research Interests

My research predominantly involves water and sediment quality issues, including recreational water quality, fate and transport of contaminants, and food web bioaccumulation.


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